Aluminum and Lattice Patio Covers

Aluminum and Lattice Patio Covers

Awnings add a touch of glamour and class to the patio. It is impossible to have covered patios everywhere. Moreover, during winters, the sun feels good on the skin. Installing awnings is an excellent way to keep patios good for all weather. It is a cost-effective way to keep your house protected. No need to rush inside in case of sudden rain. You can still enjoy the view from your terrace by simply drawing out the awning.

Awnings come in a variety of materials.  Canvas, plastic, aluminum, and wood are the most commonly used materials. These days, the lattice patio cover Sacramento is also in the craze. It is made by fastening the beams together. The beams give a grid-like look.

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Awnings can be made to stand out of the crowd by opting for custom made designs. A custom aluminum patio covers are a unique way of having an all-weather awing. It stands robust in all conditions unaffected by rain or snow.

Here are 5 reasons why our custom aluminum awnings for designer patios are the best choice:

  1. Uniqueness: Your patio deserves to have a unique look. Our aluminum attached solid patio cover or aluminum lattice patio covers are customizable. We provide a lot of layouts. You can have any layout for them. They can be laid out for any design of the roof. They enhance the beauty of your garden and make it look uber cool. You can even add electrical fittings to them like solar panels or lights or fans.
  2. Insulation: Aluminum awnings act as an insulator to heat. They do not heat up during the summers. You can stay under them comfortably. Insulated aluminum patio covers also act as sound mufflers. In rain, the insulation layer fades away the noise. It creates a cozy environment.
  3. Durability: Aluminum awnings are durable to weather conditions. Unlike canvas or wood awnings, they do not degrade with time. The awnings are fitted tightly to beams with screws, nuts, and bolts. So, there is no danger of them getting away with strong wind. They do not get damaged in heavy rain or snow. This makes them cost-effective too. You do not need to get them repaired or replaced after every winter season.
  4. Easy maintenance: Aluminum awnings are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned easily. During rain, there is no issue with waterlogging. The serrated layers automatically let the water flow down. A weekly clean-up using just a garden hose is enough to make them look like new. In case you have got some nasty spots, some detergent, and warm water is enough. There is no need to use some super-specialized cleaning material to clean them.
  5. Easy installation: Aluminum awnings are easy to install. They usually take not more than a day. As they are in demand, you can contact us now, and we’ll get it done for you ASAP.


Aluminum awning for patio is an intelligent choice. They offer top-notch protection while keeping the look intact. You do not need to spend extra on their maintenance. If you are looking for aluminum patio awnings near you, we are just a call away! You can reach us anytime!


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