Relaxing on your patio can be one of the best ways to end a long day at work. However, many home owners complain that they cannot access their patio until late in the evening either due to harsh sun angles or severe weather conditions. More people are building rooftops over their patios for coverage from the rain and sunlight. This approach not only protects the body, but it can also allow patio furniture to last longer and look newer for a greater duration of time. A patio cover is an excellent home renovation project for the home owner who wants to spend more time outside the home.
Best Patio Options
Patio covers shouldn’t be confused with sunrooms. A sunroom is a closed room connected to the home’s interior. While both of these renovations can increase the home’s value and provide a relaxing environment, a sunroom has a higher likelihood of causing problems for home owners. If not installed correctly, a sunroom can create a more costly electric bill. The glass panels invite hot and cold temperatures into the home which can easily keep the air conditioner or heater running nonstop. A patio cover can actually protect the home from outdoor temperatures resulting in a lower monthly electric bill. Nonetheless, a sunroom might be a better option for people who have severe allergies and would like to enjoy the sun without the effects of harsh pollen and other substances.

Most sunroom installation providers also provide patio cover services. Talking to a design team and installation project manager can greatly help home owners who are unsure about which option is best for their home. Installers can assess the property and predict budgets for both project options, so that home owners can more easily decide between the two. If living in an area where there are an abundant amount of bugs or insects, installers might suggest creating a screened-in patio. These types of installations can help create a safer environments that are reminiscent of stylish patio rooms.

Patio covers have even become a popular trend for Pinterest users who boast about ways to improve outdoor entertainment facilities and creating the perfect living area. Many of these entries are themed around interior decorating principles. Other entries focus more on the cover’s building materials. In attempt to create variety, some home owners have avoided installing aluminum patio covers and opted for something more exotic, such as bamboo roofing materials. Many of the entries that a person can find when searching for patio covers feature other creative home renovation projects like adding perogolas or canopies to create shaded patio enclosures.