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New Dawn Awning

New Dawn Awning is a family-owned and operated business in Sacramento. We started in 1970 to meet the demands for awnings and old glassed-in sunrooms. But with changing times and requirements, we have developed to offer custom patio covers in Lincoln as per the requirements of the clients. Before beginning a project, we understand the needs of the customer and only build patio covers. Therefore, we do not install awnings.

In the Sacramento Valley, many homeowners have been expanding their indoor living rooms to create outdoor living spaces in their backyards. This is also a trend in other parts of the city. Apart from a few summer highs, the country enjoys pleasurable weather. We can rejuvenate and recharge ourselves in the backyard throughout the year, provided we know how to build and set up our backyards.

New Dawn Awning helps you identify ways in which you can expand your living rooms to spaces and make the most of this area for your social gatherings. Sitting in the open on a beautiful sunny or rainy day can liven up the mood of many. Our patio covers create your backyard in a way that you get a perfect setting for enjoyment. This is also true and possible for those who have a shortage of space.

Patios or gardens are extended spaces. With patio covers in Rocklin, you can smartly use these areas. You can create a place for you to relax or entertain guests. You can also add outdoor furniture, mount a television or other gadget, and make a setting for weekend parties. These extensions are not only beautiful but functional as well. They give your home’s exterior an aesthetic appeal and also increase the value of your property. Patio covers become the highlight of your yard and your guests are sure to notice how you have incredibly utilized the space outdoors.

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Our custom patio covers in Lincoln combine functionality and style.

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Free-Standing Patio Covers

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New Dawn Awning is another name for professional and high-quality patio covers in Lincoln. Our collection includes a wide range of awnings that meet every customer’s needs and budget. We pride ourselves in delivering perfection at every stage. As a result, we only deal with aluminum patio covers. These covers create the visual impact of wood or stucco. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, however, without the hassles of maintenance. They do not warp or get insect damage like wood. Moreover, they do not require stripping or painting every few years. Our range of aluminum patio covers brings with it lifetime warranty.

With an experience of over five decades since 1970, we have created amazing aluminum patio covers. Our huge selection has various designs and styles including freestanding, enclosure, insulated, solid, or a combination. You will undoubtedly find a suitable design. Our team delivers a complete job with utmost satisfaction in the first attempt.

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So, if you are looking for an effective yet inexpensive way to protect the outdoor area from the heat of the blazing sun, aluminum patio covers are what you need. They build a dry, shaded living space in the outdoors for you and your family just as you would like it. The enhancement has lasting benefits and is designed to suit the appearance of your home’s exteriors. You can add some outdoor furniture and keep your garden or patio ready for celebrations.

Patio covers in Rocklin allow for an extension to your outdoor area with great advantages. Most homeowners don’t know how they can effectively use this space until they get in touch with an awnings company like ours. Patio covers are not only for families who like to spend a lot of time in the garden or patio. They are also for homeowners who wish to add a curb appeal to their home and improve its real-estate value. To make the task of renovation easier for you, we provide on-site consultations.

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