Top 3 Patio Cover Options to Beat the Summer heat

One of the things people like about summers is spending time outside. They enjoy listening to bird’s sounds, taking in the fresh air, or basking in the sun in good weather. However, getting exposed to hot sun rays is the most annoying thing one can experience while enjoying time outdoors. Without a shade solution, it’s hard to relax in your outdoor living space. Whether you have a patio or deck in your backyard, there are many ways to build patio covers in EL Dorado Hills to have the best shade solution.

While controlling the intensity of the glaring sun in the backyard is a top priority for homeowners, weather conditions like rain or strong winds also kill the beautiful moment while you’re in your backyard.

Here are the best patio shade options one can choose to cover your patio and protect yourself from sun rays:

❖ Pergolas
Pergolas are the outdoor structure that is not connected to your home. These structures don’t have a concrete roof. It is a free-standing outdoor structure that is often chosen for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of a landscape. The pergola can have shaded in so many ways.

Here are a few:

  • Add a stretched canvas cover on the pergola as it will provide protection against the hot summer sun.
  • You can create a canopy of plants over the top structure of your pergola. Many people like to grow vine plants onto it. They look very appealing.
  • Try curtains on the four sides of the pergola for protection against weather elements.

❖ Sunrooms
Sunrooms are a great addition to modern homes because they will increase the value of the home property while extending your home space.
Popular benefits to look at:

  • Sunrooms are a great way to bring natural light to your home and reduce electricity bills.
  • You can even enjoy the sun when you are inside a sunroom since the sun rays coming in won’t be hot to handle.

❖ Add patio cover
Patios cover is a strong outdoor structure that is attached to your home. It does have its own roof and it can be designed in different ways or using different roof materials. A patio cover structure helps make your home area look extended since it is connected to the wall of your home. If you have a patio, walkway, or deck, install a suitable patio roof by an experienced patio covers Sacramento company
Below are some of the popular patio cover structure people use for beating the heat

  • Insulated patio cover
  • When it comes to providing complete shade to your outdoor living space, they are very effective.
  • It restricts the heat to enter the roof and to the patio.
  • Aluminum patio cover

Choosing aluminum Patio Covers for Roseville homes can be an effective way to shade your backyard patio.
Few benefits to look at

  1. Aluminum is considered a good patio cover material as it resists sun, and rain.
  2. It reduces heat along with providing a good ventilation
  • Motorized Retractable awnings

Sometimes, you may need shade or the other times, you may not. So these motorized retractable patio covers can be regulated with a switch or smart phone.

More than 60% of homeowners have found well-built outdoor living space as one of the most enchanting features of homes. Therefore, it gives us even more reasons to build a patio structure that is both beautiful and functional to beat the heat by providing shade in summers.